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Ant Design + BlitzJS

Ant Design is my go-to frontend framework for large React projects. It is definitely the most feature complete framework out there. (with a few drawbacks, namely accessibility and extensibility).

The only issue is it doesn’t always play nice with NextJS. At the time of writing this, next is on version 10.1.3 and antd is on 4.5.1.


With BlitzJS, it’s quite easy with the recipe:

blitz install timetrackify/blitz-recipe-antd


If you are using NextJS, you will need to yarn add next-plugin-antd-less and modify next.config.js and babel.config.js.

// next.config.js
const withAntdLess = require("next-plugin-antd-less");

module.exports = (_, { defaultConfig }) =>
    webpack: (config, _) => {
      return config;
// babel.config.js
module.exports = {
  presets: ["next/babel"],
  plugins: [["import", { libraryName: "antd", style: true }]],


To reduce the file size of antd, I’d suggest using the moment-locales-webpack-plugin to get a sweet, sweet bundle size reduction. Antd uses moment.js which is a pretty hefty boy.