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Getting SRTP/TLS working with Yeastar S100 and a VOIP (SIP) Trunk

I’m starting to make these blog posts after I can’t find help for a tedious problem (bug?). After spending hours figuring it out, I feel like a small blog post to save someone else’s time is the right thing to do. Now pay it forward!

This post is really a checklist:

  1. Make sure Enable SRTP is checked in the trunk settings.
  2. Make sure the port is set to 5061, and the protocol is TLS in the trunk settings.
  3. Make sure Use Encryption is checked on your VOIP portal (in this case, under advanced (for every account you wish to use it for).
  4. Finally, the crux was ensuring that Enable TLS is checked under General > SIP on the PBX. This shouldn’t be necessary, but it seems to be a bug.
  5. And don’t forget to restart the PBX!